Food tells Nagasaki IR to drive nature Kyushu

Food tells Nagasaki IR to drive nature Kyushu

The governor of Japan’s Oita Prefecture, Katsusada Hirose a local Kyushu government with an economic interest in making a Nagasaki casino resort, has said the facility should encourage, and educate visitor to, the natural beauty and cuisine of the region.

Mr Hirose has also been asked by Prefectural Leaders in Kyushu to support “excitement” in the proposed scheme of Nagasaki sports betting online, because the project is supposed to be central for the promotion of tourism in the region. He commented on the Kyushu Regional Strategy Board on Wednesday at an online conference.

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Leaders of regional business

A selection of regional business leaders are included in the Kyushu Regional Strategy Council – an extended version of the Kyushu Governors’ Association. Nagasaki prefecture presented with details on the Wednesday meeting.

For Sasebo City in Nagasaki, a casino complex (IR) is suggested by regional leaders as having the capacity to generate fresh regional income from inbound tourism as a pandemic and generate jobs and sales for local support industries. Mr Hirose, who is President of the Kyushu Regional, said the Nagasaki’s tilt to host the IR was “a big boost” from the Kyushu IR Council launch.

Revealed and set 

In November, the Kyushu IR Board was revealed and set up in April and will act as a corporate match between Nagasaki IR’s anticipated operator and local companies in Kyushu as well as to support the region’s inbound tourism.

Yutaka Aso, a prominent businessman in the Kyushu region and brother of former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, chairs the Kyushu IR Council. The body will host its first workshop with local companies soon, to tell them about the economic impact of an IR and what business opportunities the Nagasaki IR could bring to the city, according to the information given by the prefectural government of Nagasaki.

Regional authorities in Kyushu have decided this summer to establish the Network of Kyushu Measures to Addiction Committee, an organisation that addresses the various problems of addiction in the area and promotes collaboration between Kyushu Prefectures on that matter. The Kyushu Regional Strategy Council decided on the proposal, said Nagasaki Prefecture.

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Established aim 

The idea of “gambling addiction,” which aims to establish a homemade casino industry, has become an important public-political topic in Japan. Under the existing system, up to three IRs are permitted in the country. Local administrations must first choose a private sector partner and then appeal to the right to the national government.

The Council is made up of 22 parties in the area of Kyushu, including Prefecture of Nagasaki, other central provinces and the Kyushu Economic Federation. Yutaka Aso, who is President of the Kyushu Economic Federation, is the Council President. According to information collected by the Japanese reporter, he is Brother of Taro Aso, a Japanese Finance Minister and former Prime Minister, a leading politician of the Kyushu region. The job of the Kyushu IR Council will involve the work of the anticipated developer of the Nagasaki Integrated Resort (IR) – as large-scale tourism resort complexes are famous in Japan – and local companies.

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